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Clinique Fragrance

Fragrance Spice introduce Clinique Fragrance while aiming to bringing joy into your everyday life.



The philosophy behind every product that leaves the house of Clinique is this – SAFE AND HAPPY SKIN.  Backed by 50 years of science and consumer-based trust, the experts behind Clinique skin care, make-up, and fragrances believe in the uniqueness of each individual – including your skin which is the ‘landing site’ of tailored-fit fragrances.

How It All Started

In 1967, beauty editor Carol Phillips and dermatologist Dr. Norman Orentreich wrote the article "Can Great Skin Be Created for American Vogue". Evelyn Lauder – Estee Lauder’s daughter-in-law read the article and showed it to Estee. When Estee asked both the editor and doctor to get their hands-on-deck, August 1968 witnessed the birth of the world’s first ever allergy-tested and dermatologically approved Clinique brand. It was such a huge success that a few years later, Clinique’s very first fragrance Aromatics Elixir was born.

Clinique Philosophy:

Clinique goes beyond being just a skincare line. With the abundance of beauty products that proliferated the market with potentially allergenic ingredients, Clinique was founded on well-thought-of dermatological concerns. With people who have sensitive and reactive skins in mind, the brand funneled it's focus to address the dermatological issues. With every Clinique product that the consumers buy, buyers could have the peace of mind knowing that their purchase is allergy-tested.

Of course, your skin varies from that of another person, and what your friend may not be allergic to could have an allergic effect on you. Clinique aims is to ensure that Clinique products have been rigidly tested to eliminate potentially damaging ingredients that commonly cause sensitivity to people.

Safe Ingredients:

Since 1968, Clinique has been setting the skin care line on fire with its groundbreaking dermatologist-developed products. It's products made their mark in the market because it's carefully selected but gentle composition. Up to the present, the high scrutiny they employed in choosing their ingredients from when the launched is constant. And quite agreeably so, because Clinique avoids using allergens, irritants, and ingredients that could damage the skin. In addition, Clinique’s research continually evolves to be in consonance with the highly competitive market of skin care products.

The brand offers a vast line for customers to choose from, yet they continuously expand to cater to every specific need of its equally expanding clientele base. Through out product research, formations and productions, the Clinical industry will continue to stick to what they call the ‘Clinique Clean Philosophy.’

More Than Just ‘Dermatologist Tested:

Clinique products go through ‘screening’ at every stage of their development to resonate Clinique’s motto of optimum standards when it comes to safety and efficacy. More than being simply dermatologically tested, Clinique products pass the rigid tests of stability, sensory, clinical, ophthalmological, and safety. All these because Clinique’s vision is to be able to sustain their practices and achieve a net-zero carbon footprint by 2020.

A Young Perfumer:

Clinique Industry is fairly young with respect to fragrances. Originally a skincare and makeup company, Clinique’s three major fragrances also come in the form of body creams, body washes, and the giftable coordinating sets:


  • Aromatics Elixir – gives a woodsy and musky sniff
  • The Happy Scents – exudes citrus and floral scents
  • Simply Line – leaves a velvety trail


What Others Have to Say About Clinique Fragrances:

While each nose is different from another, hearing what others have to say gives us an overall impression on what to expect should we venture on trying on a Clinique fragrance, specifically the Happy to Be.

  • Scent – Basically, this fragrance is very floral that resembles a gentle and clean garden aroma but exudes a semblance of synthetic alcohol, too. It also gives a more pleasurable smell from afar than within close proximity.
  • Intensity – Happy is a scent between subtle and overwhelming. Its sillage is short but it could linger on you all day.
  • Style – Clinique’s Happy to Be is a mature fragrance that exudes a pleasant smell without going overboard. It’s a feminine scent that works better as a daytime fragrance over a romantic date night.  It has a strong alcohol aroma that may not be a good fit for those sensitive to fragrance chemicals.

Fragrances to Indulge On:

  • Aromatics in Black – A woman’s fragrance with a bold undercurrent of precious myrrh that carries succulent fruit and exotic floral notes for that seductive allure. It has the intoxicating top notes of plum leaf accord, pink grapefruit, and Italian bergamot.  The combination of osmanthus and neroli preludes jasmine sambac – an intriguing middle note mix that is delicate and powerful at the same time.  To complete the ensemble, vetiver and tonka bean mix with myrrh form its bottom notes that offer an alluring warmth.
  • Happy for Men – A refreshing scent for men with its cool, crisp, and hint of citrus. Launched by the design house of Clinique in 1999, this masculine scent is a blend of citrusy lemon, orange, grapefruit, and mandarin that is recommended for office wear.



Clinique Happy Fragrances:


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