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Creed Aventus

Fragrance Spice introduce Creed Aventus while aiming to bringing joy into your everyday life.

Creed Aventus – A Symbol of Royalty: 

Why is the house of Creed’s fragrances so highly esteemed? Try having a rich history of more than 250 solid years servicing Kings and prestigious royalties.

Creed’s Royal History:

It all started with Creed’s Royal English Leather. Commissioned by none other than King George III, the scent’s powerful blend of ambergris, sandalwood, and mandarin came to life after the King got enamored by a Creed-scented pair of gloves.  From then on, the legacy of creating royal-fit fragrances have been passed on from fathers to sons for seven intuitive generations.  Founded by James Henry Creed in 1760, the House of Creed in London continued to brew unique blends intended for the royals and discriminating clients.

Some of the popular creed fragrances for men and women:





A Royal Tradition:

From the founder James Creed to the sixth generation Olivier Creed – known as ‘the world’s most elegant perfumer’ – the House of Creed had been creating fragrances with the strictest quality. Constantly employing the traditional perfuming methods and infusion technique – abandoned by the modern industry – Olivier handpicks the purest ingredients around the globe in the creation of his masterpieces.

The Royal Scent:

What makes Creed Aventus a masterpiece? Its opening note is a full blast of pineapple. It has a juicy sharpness supported by fresh apple and bergamot for that extra tart. Its middle note is solidified by the smoky birch which keeps the scent sharp, giving Aventus an unusual character. The linear appeal stays until it is closed by an oak moss accord that grounds it to an earthy appeal. You would totally lavish the creamy sweet vanilla accord as it emerges towards the dry-down – giving the birch and oak moss a perfectly nice balance.

The Perfection of Quality:

Creed maintains a high percentage of natural ingredients in its fragrances and employs extremely high-quality control in the selection – ensuring the right source and the right season. In terms of versatility, Aventus ranks high on the scale. It's happy zest essence makes it ideal for casual occasions on a warm summer, yet its smoky accord transforms it into a promising formal fragrance that exudes class on a winter night.

What People Say About Creed Aventus:

Try asking around about people’s opinion about Creed Aventus and chances are, you’d find it hard to find someone to say something ill about the fragrance. The cologne is so loved that you’d often find the name on top of most well-liked fragrances. Sometimes called ‘a timeless scent for any season,’ it can been worn by someone for a good 24-hour cycle without losing its enchanting smell. What sets Aventus apart, according to another, is that the blend of notes is so skillful – especially the vanilla that adds a bit of decadence. Overall, Creed Aventus is a hands-down winner. It's is a witty marriage of originality and versatility.

The Notes That Are Hard to Miss:

  • Top Notes – black currant, green apple, bergamot, and pineapple
  • Middle Notes – patchouli, jasmine, birch, and rose
  • Base Notes – vanilla, ambergris, musk, and oak moss

Longevity and Sillage:

Creed Aventus had been experienced to last for up to 24 hours but on an average, you could be assured of a lasting scent up to 18 solid hours. And because of Creed’s strict adherence to it's quality superiority, Aventus’ sillage has a very strong projection.

Choices for The Royals:

  • Green Irish Tweed – Especially created for actor Cary Grant, this cologne has the sporty and spicy notes blend of ambergris, French verbena, Mysore sandalwood, violet leaves, and Florentine iris. Crafted by Olivier Creed in 1985, it’s a simple but strong fragrance that still tops the selling chart of the 2017 perfumery market. Favored by celebrities, it has a striking scent that makes the wearer feel the Irish countryside with its top notes of iris and lemon verbena.  Whether you’re up for a formal occasion or a business meeting, this elegant and masculine scent could easily last for many hours and could be versatile enough to be worn during spring or winter season.


  • Silver Mountain Water – Crafted to envision snow-covered slopes, this fragrance is an outdoorsy and refreshing scent for men who love the adventure of open spaces. Launched in 1995 by the House of Creed, it’s a casual cologne with the top notes of neroli, mandarin, and bergamot.  Comprising its middle are green tea and blackcurrant mixed with musk and sandalwood for the base.  This cologne’s appeal comes from its musky note that doesn’t exude a very strong scent.  With a longevity of approximately six hours, this cologne is considered to be a refreshing and cool fragrance.


  • Royal Water Eau de Parfum Spray – Both men and women enjoy the refreshing clean scent of Royal Water. First introduced in 1997, this EDP has citrusy accords that excites the wearer as it opens with citruses then infused with peppermint that gives an extra jolt.  The fragrance’s romantic essence envelops the wearer with a charming persona that brings out one’s confidence.

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