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Fragrance Spice introduces Deep Discount Fragrances while aiming to bringing joy to your everyday life.


Fragrances That Won’t Break the Bank:

    You were having your usual stroll along the aisles of fragrances in the mall when you stopped dead on your tracks.  Like a sniffer dog, you trailed the enchanting scent. But the intoxication turned you sober when you checked the price tag. 


    With a long face and slumped shoulders, you dragged yourself away as you counted the squared white tiles you stepped on – counting the tiles seemed far more realistic than owning a bottle of the fragrance that made your head spin for smelling so good.


    Oh, c’mon!  Don’t be so melodramatic. Men and women from all walks of life couldn’t get enough of fragrances that perfumers around the globe were so happy to create a wide range of feel-good scents to fit any size of pockets. You just have to get your head out of the clouds.


    Remember the pair of jeans that you ‘slashed’ when ripped jeans was the trend and priced more? Of course, unless you’re a chemist, you couldn’t alter your inexpensive fragrance, but you now have an abundance of choices to satisfy your sense of smell.


    But before you convert to browsing tags rather than sniffing scented strips of paper in the fragrances department, there are certain points that I wish to stress.


    • Fragrance Equals Feel-Good Memories:


    Ever wondered why you just couldn’t let go of that specific scent? It’s because it’s deeply rooted in your DNA to link a certain memory with a smell. The fresh smell of the park where you first learned to ride a bike or the scent of the breeze coming from the window of your first owed home, car etc.


    These intangibles are priceless that equate to the fragrance you associated them with, irrespective of the price.


    • The Cons of Spending Less:


    Inexpensive fragrances tend to linger less on you. One of the silent truths in manufacturing, lowering the cost of production allows strategic pricing. In the case of fragrances, ingredients are the manipulated factor.


    The top note (the scent that lasts for about half an hour) may be easy to duplicate, but without the right amount of essential oils or the mid and base notes, you may have to settle for the first 30 minutes to enjoy the scent and say goodbye to it.


    As a rule of thumb, dab on a pulse point then observe the fragrance’s lingering time. Your wrist is common in testing because it is the most convenient way to smell on our own – unless you feel more comfortable smelling your neck or the back of your knee 😊.


    • Inexpensive is NOT the Same as Cheap:


    While the terms seemed interchangeable, I opted to qualify the words beyond the price meter. A fragrance that was inexpensively tagged shouldn’t draw out a conclusion that it smelled bad – just created with less expensive ingredients. 


    Cheap fragrances, on the other hand, smelled awful because of poor-quality composition. Ergo, it would all boil down to your olfactory sense. If your nose sent a signal to your brain that tickled your endorphin (a happy hormone), stay awhile and get yourself acquainted with the fragrance.


    • Blind Idolatry of Fragrances:


    Fine, if you wish you have Jennifer Lopez’s curves or would love to flex your pecs like Dwayne Johnson, but PLEASE, don’t choose the inexpensive versions of fragrances just because your idols endorsed the scent.


    The phrase ‘find your individuality’ had been overly abused that we pay less attention to it. Choose a fragrance that ‘clicks’ with your own body scent, because try as you may, the fragrance that smelled fantastic on those gorgeous creatures may not have the same effect on you.


    The list goes on but understanding the basic factors in choosing your kind of fragrance would put you on the right train to wearing a fragrance that fits your budget.


    • Smell Fantastic Without Drilling a Hole in Your Pocket:


    If you have yet to identify your favorite scent or wish to experiment on various fragrances to vary your collection, start small – go for sample vials. When you do, you won’t feel guilty of throwing away your hard-earned money because you and the fragrance didn’t ‘fall in love’ with each other.


    273 Indigo by Fred Hayman (For Women)

    A spring or summertime fragrance, the undertones of musk and vanilla blends well with the feminine scents of carnation or jasmine and hints of fruity orange and peach notes.


    Bambou by Weil Perfume Wipes (For Women)

    Up your experimental game with this classic summer scent in wipes form introduced in 1984.  It’s a blend of floral, exotic woods, and warm musk.


    Premium by Phat Farm (For Men)

    For men-on-the-go, so you wouldn’t miss a beat when you go from work to nights out.  Crisp but warm, it combines the herbal scent of cilantro leaf with the cooling aroma of chilled vodka citron.


    Jaguar Innovation by Jaguar (For Men)

    The perfect choice for those who love the clean and natural elements of fruits and spicy accords. The highlight – it blends with a man’s natural scent.

    Parting advice, fragrances aren’t just beauty (or smell) enhancers nor simply magnets to attract the opposite sex. They could be mood-boosters or tickets for a ride down happy memory lane. therefore, before you sniff or peak at the price tag, remember that fragrances are more than just scents to put on.


    Other Recommended Fragrances:



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