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Fragrance Spice introduce DRESSES FOR WOMEN while aiming to bringing joy into your everyday life.

Dresses for women are one of the major fashion hits that have somehow managed to stay at the peak of the competition, despite the countless new fashion trends and shifts.

For centuries, dresses for women have evolved and come in an array of styles, giving women the luxury of making the perfect choice based on their body shapes, height or even preference.

So, just how many types of dresses for women are there?  It's hard to come up with a specific number but here are a few of the most common dresses for women.  The chances are you probably own some of them or have at least seen them on someone else.


Pencil Dresses

Pencil dresses are one of the most common dresses for women.  These type of dresses get their name from their straight and narrow structure and are tailored to tightly fit your body structure. Pencil dresses are ideal for formal occasions or cocktail parties.  They work best for pear-shaped,  slim or hourglass body types but are a big no for plump or apple shaped body types.

Shirt Dresses

Shirt dresses are exactly what they sound like: Long shirts. These dresses are usually made from cotton or denim and are ideal for casual outings. They are not the go-to option if you are looking to show some curves.  Shirt dresses are one of the most versatile dresses for women, as they work well with hourglass,  rectangular and slim body shapes.

Maxi Dresses

If you don't like showing off too much of your skin,  then these dresses are just what you need.  Maxi dresses have been around for many years and it doesn't seem like they are going away anytime soon.  These dresses are perfect for casual or evening outings and also look great on taller women than shorter or plump women.  They work best for slim. Apple shaped and rectangular body shapes.

Off-Shoulder Dresses

Off shoulder dresses are one of the sexiest dresses for women in fashion history. These dresses are perfect if you are looking for a mix of elegance and sexy.  Off shoulder dresses reveal your shoulder and collar bones and may (or may not) come with sleeves. These dresses work well with almost all body shapes but may not work so well for women with broad shoulders or flat chests.

Peplum Dresses

You are most likely familiar with peplum dresses (or not). These type of dresses come with a frilled ruffle around the waist and feature a pencil skirt. Peplum dresses are an excellent choice for formal occasions and look dashing on the hourglass, pear, and rectangle body shapes.

Bodycon Dresses

Perhaps, one of the favourite dresses for women of all time,  bodycon dresses are a huge hit among celebrities and Instagram models. So, the chances are that if you don't own one, you've most likely seen it (a lot).  Bodycon dresses are body-hugging and stretchable dresses that mirror your body shape.  These dresses are often made from stretchy materials such as lyrca or blended polyester and can be worn almost anywhere; from evening parties to formal dinners. Bodycon dresses are great for slim figures but work best for hourglass body shapes.

Mini Dresses

If you love showing off your legs, then mini dresses will come in handy. These type of dresses stop above your knees and can come in pencil or frill variants. Mini dresses are great for casual outings or for a trip to the beach. These dresses are perfect for short women and hourglass body shapes. However, mini dresses won’t work well for women with long legs.



Party Dresses

This list would be incomplete without party dresses. Party dresses come in an array of styles but are generally formal and oftentimes, very shimmery. They may come in anything from bold colours, patterned prints to midi or mini lengths. Party dresses are one of the only dresses for women that can suit all body shapes.

Shift Dresses

Sift dresses are one of the few dresses for women that do not have a defined waistline. They may or may not come with sleeves and have varying hem length. Shift dresses do not cling to the body and as such, are not a great choice if you are looking to show some curves. Shift dresses are perfect for formal and casual outings and work with any body shape.

Slit Dresses

Slit dresses are a perfect choice if you want to show off your legs. These dresses usually feature a long slit either in the front or on the sides, to give your legs a bit of exposure. Slit dresses are perfect for evening parties, weddings or even dates. These types of dresses work for most figures but may not flatter short women or women with fat or thin legs.



So, next time you go shopping; don’t forget to get some of these trendy dresses for women. It’s time to step out in style!

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