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Givenchy Perfume For Women

Givenchy Perfume For Women


The Givenchy name had gone a very long way since it debuted its fashion house in 1952. From the onset, its ‘separates’ concept in its clothing line immediately gained rave reviews despite Count Hubert James Marcel Taffin de Givenchy’s youth at the time.  In the perfume department, while Givenchy had been creating fragrances earlier on, In 1958 he catapulted his scent creation when Audrey Hepburn starred the advertising campaign for his L’Interdit.

Few Of Givenchy Popular Products:


Why Givenchy

As a luxury name among other ‘cream-of-the-crop,’ Givenchy’s upper hand was because of its adherence to good value and quality spread across all its products, offered to the young and the young-at-heart – and everyone in between.  The expression, ‘it’s worth every penny,’ always comes to mind when one speaks about the Givenchy brand.

Hubert Givenchy’s individuality resonated in his created fragrances – sensual and unexpected.  So, whether you’re a young woman trying to find your individuality or an accomplished female confident of your character, the Givenchy fragrances would evoke powerful emotions from you that makes your ‘own scent’ push to the surface and mingle with what Givenchy called as the ‘final touch of style.’  Givenchy fragrances are like magnifiers – they highlight your innate qualities.  So, it would be wise to orient yourself with the notes that are inherent in fragrances in relation to your distinct personality.

Givenchy Standards

Hubert Givenchy believed that fragrances should be the ‘finishing touch’ in any personal ensemble.  As a result of his vision, Givenchy perfumes exuded elegance and style that made them timeless scents that uplifted the senses – from the wearer to the people circumnavigated by the fragrances’ wide sillage.  The elegance of Givenchy perfumes has an elemental edge and exhilarating twists that allowed the scents to cross gender borders – according you a vast selection to choose from.

High-quality ingredients and beyond-compare creativity are married concepts in the house of Givenchy.  When you hear the name, expect the unexpected because Givenchy explores the limitless possibilities of entwining essences that other houses wouldn’t dare – floral with spicy and interpreting a rose beyond its innate quality.

Your Personal Givenchy

You are unique – your personality, personal scent, things that make you tick, the way you think and perceive, and a whole lot of individual distinction from another person.  The same thing applies to your ‘personalized’ Givenchy perfume. Every scent’s effect is unique on the wearer.  It would be unwise to think that what smells good on another person would equally be potent on you. Likewise, don’t be misled that an expensive price tag would turn a fragrance ‘universal.’  Givenchy fragrances may have elevated their stature as signature items, but they couldn’t fix a ‘mismatch.’  So, be diligent in choosing a Givenchy perfume before that cash (or credit card) slips your hands.

Parfums Givenchy

Deeply rooted in the Givenchy tradition, Parfums Givenchy epitomizes an unbounded yet uncompromising vision that exudes elegance.  Its creations profess uniqueness that supports creative freedom. For more than six decades, it adheres to Hubert Givenchy’s value of creating fragrances that embody women – unshackled, self-confident, and courageous. It constantly dares to fuse genres and incorporate unexpected twists in its creations.  In Parfums Givenchy’s CEO Romain Spitzer’s words, ‘Few brands can boast such a rich heritage:  teams who are passionate about their Maison, the timeless appeal of iconic products.  Plus, there’s the unique style of the founder Hubert de Givenchy – both timeless and avant-garde.  [It’s] A subtle alchemy of audacity and heritage, summed up by the phrase Fearless Classic.’

Givenchy Perfume for Women

From the delicate florals to the playful spices, there is a wide array of fragrances that you could choose from among the Givenchy line of scents that would define your unique spirit.  Givenchy’s perfumes champion the female’s mysterious, feminine, and stunning allure with its warm floral notes, soft oriental nuances, and fruity hints.

  • Organza – Launched in 1996, this Eau de Parfum is a unique combination of sharp, oriental, and woody fragrances. It possesses a blend of honeysuckle, amber nutmeg, vanilla, and gardenia that is recommended for daytime wear.
  • Dahlia Divin – Like a Venus bathed in sunlight, this scent symbolizes the modern-day goddess in you as you shine with its crystalline, radiant gold product finish. It accords the sensation of gentle warmth on your skin with a lightly scented breeze.  With its note of sensuous rose in powdery light mimosa, you would be spellbound by its golden fragrance that emanates from its gold-adorned bottle – your femininity brought to its highest peak.
  • Live Irresistible – An encouraging scent for women to live their lives to the fullest that resonates irresistibility, it’s a mix of mischievously spicy and fruity floral that would elicit your brightest smile. Spicy, fizzy, and fruity floral, it opens with juicy pineapple, a heart of spicy rose, with a finish of amber accord.
  • Ange Ou Demon Le Secret – This Eau de Parfum epitomizes the duality of seduction with its alluring mystery. Sensual with an aura of mystery, this fragrance has jasmine tea accents presented with a nuance of a pastel color.  Its headnote is a burst of sharp Italian winter lemon and cranberry with a green tea leaf accord.


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