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How To Apply Cologne For Maximum Effect

Fragrance Spice introduces How To Apply Cologne For Maximum Effect while aiming to bringing joy into your everyday life.


Maximize the Effect of Your Cologne:


Whenever you spritz on your favorite scent, you often ask, Am I putting on too much or too little?’

If you lavish yourself with a scent from head to toes, you could overwhelm another person's senses that can lead the person wanting to stay a mile from you than closer. Only to realize a few minutes after, the scent fell off straight from your skin and dissipated into the thin air. 


On the other hand, when you spray on too little, you might as well not dig deep into your pocket for an expensive cologne because not even a fly could smell you even if it was stuck to your skin.  And please, don’t spray mist the air and walk through it like a royal. There are air fresheners for that.




We are all too familiar that our ‘heart palpitates’ when we get too excited or had too much coffee. But did you know that this pulsation radiates all over your body but palpitates strongly on your specific body sites? 


These are your pulse points.  Leveraging these arterial pulsations could make your scent last longer without breaking your bank.  Now, where are these magical points that maximize the potency of your cologne?


5 Main Pulse Points:


You have 5 main body parts where your arteries are compressed near your body surface that allow you to palpate or feel your pulse:


  1. Your neck that covers the carotid artery
  2. Your wrist where you could find your radial artery
  3. Your groins that have the femoral artery
  4. The back of your knee for your popliteal artery
  5. Behind your ankle joint for your posterior tibial artery


On top of those mentioned above, there are other pulse points in your body that you could likewise leverage to maximize the effect when you put on your favorite cologne:


  1. Your temples
  2. Your chest
  3. Your elbows’ inside creases
  4. Top of your feet
  5. Behind your ears


Dabbing your cologne on these strategic points allows the cologne’s fragrance to reach the height of its scent and make it last longer. You might ask, ‘Can I put on cologne on ALL pulse points?’  Of course, you can – if you wish to go back to your first dilemma of overwhelming another’s nose. 


My two cents – choose two or three of the points mentioned and don’t be too liberal on the amount.  The right amount of cologne on an effective part of your body would be enticing enough to make someone’s head turn just to catch a sniff of you.


Are the amount and application points the only factors that you should know to maximize the effect of your cologne? No, there are other factors at play.


Other Factors Affecting the Effects of Cologne:


Skin type – If you have oily skin, hold your head up high because colognes would last longer on you.


  1. Diet – ‘What you eat is how you smell,’ so you might want to skip on putting on cologne if your digestive system expects to have a date with fatty and spicy food.
  2. Layering – If you’re fond of putting on lotion (if you’re a female, although I’ve heard of some men who were also fans), choose one that is unscented so no scent would clash with that of the cologne.
  3. Temperature – Cologne exudes its scent stronger when it’s warm, the very reason why it becomes more potent on pulse points – the warmest parts of your body.
  4. Shower-fresh skin – Don’t apply cologne after you’ve wrestled to get on the 7am bus to work. You would end up wiping it off together with all the smog and perspiration that accumulated on your skin.  Preferably, dab on your favorite scent after stepping out of the shower while your skin pores were open, but after toweling dry, of course.
  5. Innate body scent – Each of us exude our own body ‘fumes’ which may be affected by our hormones or certain illnesses brought by medication.


Colognes behave differently among people.  What could smell great on you may not necessarily hold true with another. Now that you’ve ‘mastered’ the art of making your cologne’s scent last longer on you, pay attention to what scent suits you best. 


It’s pretty much akin to finding the right outfit for the right occasion.  You wouldn’t want to attend a pool party wearing a business suit, would you?  Experiment on various colognes. 


Remember that since you’ve learned to let the scent linger, a cologne that doesn’t jive with your own body scent could be worse than overwhelming another’s sense of smell.  Colognes are also first-impression makers, so whether you wear one to impress or simply feel good by smelling good, make sure that you choose well.


As parting words, colognes aren’t like party people. A dab on the right place would be enough to make another turn 180 degrees when you pass by.


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