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How To Apply Perfume

Fragrance Spice introduce How To Apply Perfume while aiming to bringing joy into your everyday life.

The How To of Applying Perfume:


Almost everyone wears perfume nowadays, right? And applying it is as easy as brushing your teeth, isn’t it? But why is it that the worldwide web proliferates with a plethora of articles about not just the ‘best’ perfume to buy but a gamut of write-ups about the ‘science’ of fragrances. It’s because the real question that you should be focusing on is, ‘Are you applying perfume the right way?’


The Science of Perfumes:


Don’t fret. I’m not asking you to put your thinking cap on or start wearing spectacles in preparation for a rigorous read. The ‘science’ of perfumes is, in fact, as simple as ABC or 123, once you get yourself acquainted with the basics. So, hop on the learning train and enjoy the ride.


Perfume Tip & The Basics:


How often have you heard of the expression, ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?’ Perfumes follow that lead, too. A scent that smells heavenly to you may be too potent for your friend or partner. It also can help to try a few samples when you go to a fragrance store or ask if they have samples you can try before purchasing. You can also seek recommendation and experiment that route as well. The key is having more than one fragrance that appeal to you and brings you a never ending compliments


How about a familiar perfume scent that smelled quite different after a few weeks? Or losing your scent a few hours after spritzing? The following basics may be the culprits.

  • Environment – While it’s best to apply your perfume after you’ve stepped out of the shower – after toweling off, that is – and your bathroom counter top seemed the most ‘handy’ place to hold your perfume bottle, even your most expensive perfume would lose its ‘potency’ if exposed to a steady stream of heat from the shower.


  • Temperature – Your helpless perfume would also suffer a whiplash if you keep it inside the refrigerator then take it out for a spritz then back in the chill again. Simply because perfumes may be likened to a living organism.  The rapid change in temperature forces its components to ‘react’ differently on shifting hot and cold. Pretty much like you or I having to adjust to drastic weather changes. For perfumes, often the ‘compensation’ manifest in the form of its scent aging faster, smelling a bit off, or changing color like Bruce Banner.


  • Storage – Best space to keep your favorite perfume would still be its original box atop your dresser table and at a room temperature of roughly 70 degrees Fahrenheit. While some claim that the refrigerator is your perfume’s ally, extreme cold could deteriorate oil-based perfumes as drastically as being exposed to sunlight.


  • Oxygen – Quite ironic that the essentials of oxygen to human life might trigger the mortality of your perfume. Ergo, if you splurge on the gigantic bottles of your favorite perfume because they come on sale only once in a blue moon, that ‘extra space’ that grows a millimeter every time you spritz is free lodging for your perfume’s arch nemesis. If you really have to indulge on the bigger buys, perhaps try decanting into smaller vials. Lesser space for oxygen’s free ride means more life for your perfume.


How To Put On Perfume The Right Way:


  • To rub or not to rub – Unless your wrists are sore or there’s an uncontrollable itch on your neck, bare in mind that perfumes are not meant for ‘rubbing on.’ Why? Because rubbing could ‘break’ your perfume’s essence.True, you need the warmth of your pulse points to maximize your perfume’s efficacy, but the friction triggers your natural body scent which may alter your perfume’s concentration.


  • Dry makes perfumes cryPerfumes ‘interact’ with your innate aura. So, if your skin would shy the Sahara Desert, even the most expensive perfume would scurry off as fast as it could if it had legs. Therefore, moisturize and layer up. Most perfumeries offer a line of products of a certain scent – from bath soaps to body lotions. If your choice of perfume scent has no other or limited buddies, go for moisturizers that are unscented to avoid a ‘battle of the scents’ that could easily overwhelm your olfactory sense.


  • Don’t cloak your perfume – If you’d be wearing a long-sleeved garment, don’t bother to apply perfume on the crook of your arm. And if you’re off to a business meeting on a pant suit, forget the back of your knee. While the two mentioned were secondary pulse points – which we would be discussing later – they’d be useless in terms of exuding your perfume’s aura.


  • Extreme warm weather is another enemy – Seldom would you read articles about perfume without mentioning ‘pulse points.’ But while perfume houses offer ‘summer fragrances,’ leveraging your pulse points might not be your best bet when the sun offers its heat quite lavishly. Like the steady stream of shower steam – Isn’t that a nice tongue twister? – your perspiration may create havoc on your perfume’s essential ingredients. On an extremely warm weather, your next alternative should be a light spritz on your clothes, even your hair. Why so? Because they have direct contact with air – a great diffuser of your favorite perfume.


Spray Perfume on Pulse Points:

Finally, let’s incorporate the of basics with spraying of perfume and the where to target of it's application – your pulse points. These highly effective parts of your body exude your body warmth best but not overly like a shower steam. A little dab on these essential points could easily radiate the essence of your favorite fragrance and shout out your confidence.

  • Neck
  • Behind your ears
  • Wrists
  • Crook of your arms
  • Behind your knees


Perfume Tips you can start using now - How To Apply Perfume:

1. Apply some lotion before spraying perfume on your body .

2. To smell best all day, always use your spray bottle from a distance of 6 inches.

3. Don’t shake the perfume bottle.

4. Don’t over apply so that it choke someone else smell .

5. Mixing a few fragrances actually helps sustain the fresh smell on your body. After using a good smelling shower gel while taking a bath, apply a deodorant of your choice and drizzle some perfume and wait. After 30 minutes, apply some water to the same areas. This will strengthen the smell of your perfume.

6. Spray some on a hair brush and apply several strokes to spread the bouquet as spritzing an alcohol-based perfume directly onto the head will dry out your hair .

For more insightful articles that could lead you to become a perfume connoisseur, visit It’s a site that’s more than just a one-stop-online-shop for your perfume and personal essentials fix.

7. It's okay to spray two separate fragrances at a time as long as you're not over spraying it.


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