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Joop Perfume

Fragrance Spice introduces Joop Perfume while aiming to bringing joy into your everyday life.


Joop Fragrances – When Scent Spells Seduction:


1978 witnessed the birth of the German fashion and cosmetics brand JOOP! (pronounced ‘yope’), founded by designer Wolfgang Joop. Until it decided to expand its product line to capture fragrance aficionados – a move that catapulted the brand among the stars.


The JOOP! Journey:


JOOP!’s very first ready-to-wear collection debuted in 1982 and soon, the men’s wear ensemble joined the spotlight in 1985. But it was in 1987 when the house introduced JOOP! Femme – its perfumery’s firstborn – that it became known for its prolific line of fragrances


When its second perfume creation JOOP! Homme equaled its predecessor’s success two years after, the brand evolved from a fashion company into a lifestyle conglomerate that included eye wear, accessories, home goods, and of course, fragrances.


Even when its founder decided to abdicate his throne in 2011, the legacy remained alive under the enduring leadership of the Swiss-based Holy Fashion Group who had been at the driver’s seat since 2008. Now, its operation extends to Austria and Switzerland and is considered as among the highly recognized brands in Germany. 


With 45 perfumes currently in the market – several of which were created by Wolfgang’s daughter Jette – the JOOP! Brand had joined forces with a roster of equally trusted perfumers like Michel Almairac, Antoine Maisondieu, Alienor Massenet, Christophe Raynaud, Olivier Polge, Gilles Romey, Calice Becker, Fabrice Pellegrin, Creations Aromatiques, Sophie Labbe, Antoine Lie, Benoist Lapouza, Veronique Nyberg, Francis Kurkdjian, Louise Turner, and Michel Girard.

 The JOOP! Standard:


When Wolfgang Joop created the brand, his multi-faceted and prolific persona resonated in his product lines. The house’s creations became popular for its provocative energy, fresh attitude, and vividness that soon, the name became synonymous with classicism and modernity


Wolfgang drew inspiration from a diversity of sources – from minimalists Donna Karan and Calvin Klein to the old-school appeals of Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo. He also held on to his principle that fashion wasn’t just about the money; the world of glitz-and-glamor should be about personal style. As a result, Europe eyed JOOP! Brand as an utmost source of anything related to fashion.


User Testimonies:


Don’t just take our word for it.  Hear the voices of people who’ve had their ‘first encounters’ of the JOOP! allure.


  • The signature scent of a fan since 1991; a man who had been known to ALWAYS smell great and wouldn’t settle for anything less.
  • A Maldives user listed the PROs – draws compliments, great value, not overpowering, sexy, clean & fresh, great smell, long-lasting, sensual, and ideal for everyday evenings out.
  • An avid from Florida started using a JOOP! fragrance some 40 years ago. Now at 84, no other fragrance had complimented his wardrobe other than his favored scent.
  • A user from British Columbia couldn’t be any happier to add a JOOP! fragrance in his scent collection.
  • Another avid from Delaware was so captivated by the JOOP! fragrances that he bought his son his very own bottle to share the great experience.


Capture Your Personal Seductive Experience:


With a variety of fragrances that could captivate your individualistic preference, the following JOOP! scents would surely entice you to explore your sensual self.


For Her:


  • Miss Wild Eau de Parfum – A scent that spices up your senses, this parfum that debuted in September of 2013 bravely combines spice and sweetness. After it opens with the enticing note of pink pepper, you would experience its middle that balances the scent with the sweetness of vanilla. What locks in the first two notes is a base of rum that enhances the overall blend. A long-lasting scent ideal for nighttime wear, you would exude with confidence as you start off to a new adventure.


  • Le Bain Eau de Parfum – A clean and velvety-smooth fragrance launched in 1989, it layers soft-spoken florals and fresh citrus over a woody vanilla base. Le Bain starts with the breezy concoction of lemon, bergamot, and aldehydes lightened by the sweet floral tone of orange blossom. Once the initial essences settle, get ready for heavy white florals as they subtly mingle the intoxicating effect of lily-of-the-valley and jasmine with the freshness of cedar, sandalwood, and red rose. For its finish, indulge in the essences of patchouli, Tonka bean, and amber.


For Him:


  • Jump Eau de Toilette – Released in 2005, Jump is a fresh and lively blend that opens with the notes caraway and grapefruit. In a vibrant blue color – both its glass bottle and outer packaging – the middle notes are heliotrope and coriander that accords it a spicy-sweet scent. As a final touch, vetiver, musk, and Tonka bean ground the fragrance and give it a long-lasting effect.


  • Go Eau de Toilette – An excellent choice of fragrance that could tag along with you all the time. A regular in the perfumery scene since 2006, it aromatically jumpstarts your senses with the combination of pimento, rhubarb, and bitter orange. Next comes the mix of violet, cypress, and bourbon geranium until it ends with musk and balsam fir to complete the package.


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