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Kim Kardashian Perfume

Fragrance Spice introduces Kim Kardashian Perfume while aiming to bringing joy into your everyday life.

Kim Kardashian’s Fragrant World:


When you hear the name Kim Kardashian, what comes to your mind? Well, on top of how voluptuous she is and the fact that she and her family have been in the fashion business for quite a while, Kim only braved the perfumery stage in 2009. 


While barely a decade old in the business, Kim had created fantastic fragrances with the help of perfume connoisseur Claude Dir.


More About Kim:



A 1980 baby, this American socialite is also a lot of things – model, actress, television personality, and a businesswoman. Kim symbolizes the blending of marketing and campaign that leverages success for more success – her fame makes her even more famous. 


Kardashian modeled for different product campaigns including Playboy, Kim owns a clothing boutique with sisters Khloe and Kourtney.


A friend to co-socialite Paris Hilton, Kim also took part in the proliferating scene of reality series and joined the spotlight with her family – Keeping Up with The Kardashians. Before that, she dipped a toe in acting through "How I Met Your Mother", CSI New York, and Beyond the Break. 


She even guest-hosted in WrestleMania, judged on America’s Next Top Model, and became a contestant on Dancing with the Stars.


The Birth of Kim Kardashian Fragrances:


All the exposures catapulted Kim to a broader spotlight that used to focus mainly on clothing lines and accessories. Easily one of the high-earning reality stars, Kim wisely put her popularity to great use and launched her namesake first fragrance in 2009. 


Parallel to her Lighthouse Beauty Kardashian, the stylish fragrance is an emblem of those who, like Kim, enjoy making a great entrance.


Straight from the ‘Nose’:


Kim Kardashian’s fragrance wardrobe had been shared to the world and those who had experienced the scents returned the favor by sharing how their noses enjoyed the sniffing.


  • Kim Kardashian is a grown woman’s scent to love. Amidst fragrances that mostly leaned towards the younger generation, it’s a refreshing break from the very fruity and floral essences.


  • A woman from Bronx New York said that her husband bought it for her, and she immediately fell in love with Kim Kardashian. She even noticed how his hold on her lingered longer whenever she wore the scent.


  • A Georgia user claimed that KK isn’t too overwhelming to the senses. While it initially presents a scent that seemed ‘manly,’ it’s subtle and fresh but not too sweet nor floral.


  • Fans of Michael by Michael Kors would love KK. It’s long-lasting, sensual, and ideal for evening use.


  • A user from Tennessee said that the fragrance made her feel sexy all the time and is a definite compliment magnet.


  • A grandma from Medford New York claimed that her granddaughter had been using the scent for 7 years and counting.


  • From a Hongkong user’s ‘contact’ with True Reflection, she found the scent’s semblance with Mugler’s Angel – without the exorbitant price tag. She claimed of its warm, plumy, and chocolatey scent that completed her evening meets. While longevity wasn’t its stronger suit in her experience, it was nothing that a few touch-ups couldn’t fix.


  • A man who wears women’s fragrances was surprised by Kim Kardashian’s Gold, despite being a fan of True Reflection. He had leveraged ‘body chemistry’ since he was 15 and was glad that he tried Gold. He claimed that its citrus blast was straight up nice smelling with a sillage worth the price.


Kim Kardashian Fragrances Worth the Red Carpet:


Since Kim’s entrance into the fragrant world of perfumes in 2009, her fragrance house had created scents that mystified the senses of the wearer. Her fragrances celebrate her innate love of scents and, in turn, accord you with experiences that layer up to a sensual finish.


  • Kim Kardashian – The fragrance that started it all, it mirrors Kim’s exciting life. It’s a woody floral scent for women that opens with the sweetness of Mandarin orange, African orange flower, and honeysuckle. The initial impression then turns intoxicating with its floral heart of gardenia, tuberose, and jasmine. For a sexy and sensual finish, experience the essences of sandalwood, almond-tinged Tonka bean, orchid, and musk.


  • True Reflection – A provocative fragrance that layers glamor and charm, an epitome of what Kim is. It opens with the fresh notes of plum, peach, and Italian bergamot, and was created in 2012. The perfume’s middle is a floral innocence of blended orchid, gardenia, and lotus, followed by woody notes, musk, and patchouli at the end. True reflection exudes of total femininity in a well-balanced mix of floral, watery, and fruity notes.


  • Gold – Launched in 2011, Gold turned Kim’s original namesake fragrance into a luxury. With its claim of ‘Transcend Ordinary,’ it’s a rich aroma adds a touch of gilded glamor to your day to day experience. Perfect for a spritz on warm summer days, Gold first introduces you to a refreshing combination of grapefruit, pink pepper, and bergamot. Next comes a heart of floral bouquet comprised of rose, violet, and jasmine. To complete your ‘golden’ experience, sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla-like benzoin, musk, and amber harmoniously blend to seal the deal.


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