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Most Popular Perfumes

Fragrance Spice introduces Most Popular Perfumes while aiming to bringing joy into your everyday life.

Popular Perfumes Loved Around the Globe:


Why is it that almost everyone is hung up about perfumes? At one point, you may even have held back on a matching purse for your bag or a tie that called out to you just to save enough for a 3-ml bottle of the perfume that you were crazy about.


What Makes Perfumes So Popular:


The popularity of scented liquids dates way back in history – aromatic rituals, wedding ceremonies, the status privilege of royals. But even without tracking down as to why and when people started to appreciate fragrant essences, modern times have enough to fill the bucket.


  • Odor Repellant – Let’s face it, only babies have innate scents that please your olfactory sense without the aid of fragrances. Deodorants may mask your ‘scent’ brought out by the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but perfumes give that ‘kick’ that turns mundane to extraordinary.



  • Morale Boosters – A spritz of your favorite perfume ‘seals’ your confidence as you walk past people in your gorgeous dress or chest-fitting tuxedo. With every head that turns to catch a sniff of you, your morale gets padded layer by layer.
  • Stress Reliever – Picture this scenario – the inbox tray atop your desk piles up every minute. Have a few spritzes of your favorite perfume and notice how a colleague or two sniffing at your direction could make you breeze through the towering paper stack with a smile on your face.
  • Therapeutic Effect – The aromas in your bottled perfume not only please your sense of smell but coincidentally send signals to your brain and induce calmness. Like chamomile that could resolve some people’s insomnia, the various extracts engineered into essences have diverse influential effects that aim to soothe your creased brows.
  • Pheromone Trigger – Unlike your other gland secretions, pheromones act as trigger mechanisms that attract other people to you. Perfumes ‘tickle’ this hormone effectively and consequently act as aphrodisiac of sorts.
  • Personality Enhancer – Whether you’re the adventurous type or you take things slow, there is a perfect perfume for you. Citrus, flower, fruit, wood, or aquatic essences in fragrances give your personality a wide sillage.  Perfumes serve as an extension of your innate self and magnify your aura.



When Popularity Is Not Enough:


True, perfumes are more than just scented liquids in enticingly colored bottles.  But since a line goes both ways, the YESes of perfumes come with opposing NOs.


  • The volatile ingredients in perfumes that allow the scent to be ‘smelled’ may contribute to poor indoor air quality. Among the health effects are nausea, headaches, eyes/nose/throat irritation, and respiratory difficulty.  While these may be adverse and could probably be caused by perfumes that are ‘too heavy,’ it pays to know the side effects the next time you spritz on your favorite perfume.

  • Allergy Trigger – Your perfume and you may be best buddies but not with everyone around you. Biologist Dr. Heather Patisaul of North Carolina State University said that the essence that gives the perfume an odor is very likely to have an allergen.


Perfumes That Top the Global Charts:


The perfumery world is a jungle of scents that scintillates and sometimes irritates.  Yet when perceived on a grander scale, the benefits outweigh the unconducive effects. Perfume aficionados are the winners. Why?

Because to keep a strong footing among the gods of perfumers, fragrance creators would leave no stones unturned to ensure that their masterpieces are at par – if not exceedingly beyond – with the standards that catapult a perfume to the top of worldwide bests.


  • Australia – Luxury perfumes reign in this continent. The sweet and citrusy scent of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle and Calvin Klein’s Euphoria are all-time leaders, but Aussies are starting to veer towards more signature scents with a personal touch.
  • Japan – The Japanese culture seems to ‘frown’ upon perfumes that are too heavy. So, they are more inclined to the fresh and citrusy fragrances of Chanel Chance and the fruity scent of Parfums de Nicolai’s Fig Tea.
  • United Kingdom – The Brits’ perfume preference is gradually shifting to headier and unisex fragrances of Tom Ford’s Black Orchid and Jo Malone’s Oud & Bergamot Rich Extract.
  • Italy – Perfumes with floral notes are preferred by Italians. On top of perfumes from the houses of Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, and Chanel, they reach out to the unisex essence of Calvin Klein’s CKOne and CK2.
  • United Arab Emirates – In contrast to Japanese preference, Middle Easterns go for perfumes that are rich and stark. Think along the lines of Arabian Oud, YSL Les Vestiaires Tuxedo, and Memo Irish Leather.
  • USA – White florals and patchouli notes dominate the American perfume preference. The seemingly global scent of Chanel Mademoiselle is kept company by Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb and occasional statement scents like Byredo Mojave Ghost.
  • FranceLancôme La Vie Est Belle holds the crown of perfumes for the French, with Christian Dior’s J’Adore coming in close.


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