Perfume Gift Sets For Couple

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Fragrance Spice introduce Perfume Gift Sets For Couple while aiming to bringing joy into your everyday life.

The following list of fragrances below are some of the high quality perfume and cologne in the market. The contain some the best scents and freshness smells and best of all they are affordable and great for couple.

It is possible to get gett offers that conforms to your budget and taste on fragrance gift set for women or man. So if you want to impress your wife or gift your Val with a fragrance gift set, or as a woman, you are looking to purchasing the full fragrance kit of your favorite brand, here are some fragrance gift set you will find at



MIRACLE by Lancome : Miracle brings you a revelation of an extraordinary life. It’s sensual floral fragrance is somewhat bursting. Its note include Freesia peppered with Ginger which is balanced with warm amber notes. It’s a great gift set most women will jump at.  

Moods by Krizia Gift set: A green floral perfume for women. Released since 1989 with gorgeous note brought together to give a great experience. Its most women top choice when it comes to fragrance gift sets. spice


Cool water by Davidoff Gift set: Has a very calm scent with aquatic notes. Its fragrance gives the impression of a cool sea water or an ocean breeze.  The women’s version was released about 10 years after that of the mens.


cool water perfume by davidoffcool water perfume


Crystal Noir by Versace Gift Set: Just the right fragrance for women looking to impress her admirers. The fragrance includes pepper, ginger, gardenia and amber. Crystal Noir is the very feminine scent by Versace which was introduced in 2004. Seductive, sensual yet sweet blend of Gardenia, Peony, Amber, Sandalwood, Orange Blossom that makes any woman feel elegant.

crystal noir by versace


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