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Sexy Perfume For Women

Fragrance Spice introduces Sexy Perfume For Women while aiming to bringing joy into your everyday life.


Feminine Perfumes That Radiate Seduction:


What for you is sexy? Slim waist with rounded hips? An oval face framed by straight mane? A perky nose that holds thick spectacles in place? The list could go on, but the point is, your definition of sexy may differ from mine.


Seductive in Fragrance Parlance:


It had been said over and over that our olfactory senses vary. And that our personalities are somewhat magnified by the scent that we wear. But while a plunging neckline or a backless dress may shout ‘I’m sexy,’ an alluring fragrance may not be that easy to spot – or smell. 


What if what you think smelling seductive turns out to be empowering for your friends or colleagues? Would you drop it like a hot potato or be headstrong and declare ‘this is me?’


It’s All About You:


You’re wearing a white shirt over denim pants and a light splash of your favorite fragrance completes your ensemble. You feel good with how you look as you saunter the corridors of your school. 


In another scenario, you’re donning your recently bought midrib top paired with a hip-hugging miniskirt; still the same scent tops your get-up. But your thoughts battle with one another – Is my top too short? Does my skirt leave nothing to the imagination?


True, choosing the right amount of sexiness in a scent is a tall feat on its own, but it all boils down to how YOU feel. Does your fragrance make your outfit more appealing? Or does what you wear ‘dictate’ your perception of sexy? 


The effectiveness of a fragrance’s seduction wouldn’t just be all about the tones or accords of its composition. Your individuality and the way you carry yourself would also play crucial roles in feeling sexy, both inside and out.


Insider Tips on Sexy Perfumes:


Now that we’ve established that finding your sexy perfume wasn’t all about the scent, the world of perfumery declared notes that were perceived to be more seductive than other essences. 


But since your ‘numero uno’ would be subjective, the succeeding tips would only serve as guidelines and you should still rely on your senses.


  • Musky tones top the list in terms of seduction. It’s believed that musk and intimacy are like a snail and its shell – they always go together. Perhaps because in your body’s natural state, you have an innately musky allure which heightens when you feel sexually stimulated.


  • It also wouldn’t be enough that your sexy-fragrance search is over. You wouldn’t wish to smell sexy on the onset then become ‘stale’ after only an hour, would you? Choose a long-lasting fragrance to keep the ‘fire’ going.


  • Mostly, heavier scents have more ‘oomph’ than lighter ones. Ergo, do know that citruses don’t exude sexiness; sporty is citrus’ image, not sensual.


  • Since seductive fragrances are potent, don’t overindulge. You wear one to entice, not to overwhelm.


  • Keep in mind that fragrances – mild or otherwise – react with your aura. Don’t fall into the pit of the misconception that just because your friend smelled provocative with a certain scent that it would have the same effect on you. Leverage your olfactory sense and explore the plethora of choices that you have.


Sexy and Seductive Fragrances for Today’s Women:


Finding your signature scent needs a personal touch – you should know yourself first hand before you could choose a fragrance that could magnify your charm, femininity, and seductive prowess. 


While the list could go on, here are some sensationally bewitching essences that you could feast your nose on.


  • Black Opium for Women – An eau de parfum from Yves Saint Laurent, that smells of seduction and femininity. It starts sweet and innocent with the top notes of vanilla until you get mesmerized by the middle of white flowers that highlight its womanliness. What gives it an extra kick is the base notes of cedarwood and black coffee that maintain its seductive appeal throughout the day. The faint-hearted be forewarned, though, because it’s exceptionally sexy and heavy that you may want to avoid wearing the scent on summer months.


  • Romance for Women – Ralph Lauren’s eau de parfum gives the brand more reason to be in the perfumery leaderboard for quite a long time. It’s a seductive fragrance very much wearable during the day due to its subtlety. The sweet floral scents of rose and violet would introduce you to the more seductive and deeper notes of oakmoss, classic musk, and ginger. It also is a favorite fragrance because it’s an affordable luxury that doesn’t break the bank.


Coco Mademoiselle – A classic eau de parfum that mirrors sensuality and fashion, its citrus notes of grapefruit, lychee, and orange present a light and fruity blend. While these citruses followed by the floral notes of jasmine, vanilla, and rose may seem to ‘contradict’ a seductive punch, the base notes of vetiver and patchouli are all it takes for the endulge in the realm of sexy perfume for women.


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