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Tea Rose Perfume

Fragrance Spice introduces Tea Rose Perfume while aiming to bringing joy into your everyday life.


Tea Rose Perfume – A Class of Its Own:


Launched in 1975 by the perfume house Perfumers Workshop, Tea Rose had earned a classic recognition from women across the globe. Owing to its warm and spicy floral nuance, you would clamor for its sophistication and it's romantic ally on special night outs.


What’s in a Rose:


Did you know that roses have been referenced way back in Greek and Roman mythology? People had been distilling this fragrant oil for ages and favored by both men and women since the 19th century. 


It was only recently that perfumers discovered that the fragrant flower contains over 400 individual components. As a result, rose-scent fanatics were presented with variations to choose from – spicy, sparkly, fruity, earthy, boozy, green, powdery, sweet, and woody. Overwhelming, you say?  See it this way – even if you bump into someone who also is into the rose essence, you could still stand out from the crowd, right?


How Tea Rose Came to Be:


The Perfumer’s Workshop birthed this fabulous rose-nuanced fragrance in 1971.  And for almost 50 years, Tea Rose had captured women – including men – of its true, classic, well-balanced, and authentic rose aroma. Who was the ‘nose’ behind the creation? When the fragrance house reached out to Jack Mowen of Firmenich to create a long-lasting rose scent that aggregates the essences of the entire flower’s family – leaf and stem included – Tea Rose came to life.


A Blend of Richness:


Tea Rose perfume celebrates the most quintessential essences, with raw ingredients that pleasured and delighted its patrons for centuries. The fragrance earned its ‘classic’ title through its structure that married elegance with tradition.  


Whenever you spritz on this classic scent, you are assured of a scented liquid that is made of timeless ingredients, honed with a traditional structure, and a globally recognized women’s fragrance. 


Tea Rose opens with peony and chamomile that preempt a lighter middle of the roses damask, tea, and Bulgarian. What locks its glamorous fragrance are hints of geranium and violet leaves mixed with cedar wood, a blend that exudes your complexity and mystery as a woman.


Tea Rose Versus Its Contemporaries:


Here’s an impressive fact about this well-renowned rose essence – Tea Rose had been claimed to be the ‘reference of rose soliflore.’ If other fragrances need an ‘interpretation’ of its rose essence, this fragrance is among those that need no further explanation – simply a big ‘ole rose. 


Pop it's cap and you’d feel like walking inside a florist’s fridge. Another fact that makes it a primary top of the list is that it's Eau de Toilette could undoubtedly project in comparison to most EDTs. It's longevity is above average, and a sizeable 4-ounce bottle is a steal at $11.64 from Fragrance Spice!


Reviews That Impress:


How else would you gauge if a perfume lives up to its classic name if not from actual people who have worn them, right? One user claimed that Tea Rose was the closest one could get to the real thing. 


On top of earning a thumb’s up for its long-lasting fragrance, another wearer said that after 52 years of marriage, her husband finally ‘noticed’ her scent! Tea Rose, she added, was a definite compliment-getter.


What Makes Tea Rose Stand Out:


Women had never been compared to a flower more than with the famous rose.  Chances are that you have received more roses than any other bloom – or at least most women have – and loved it. But Tea Rose is more than just a rose-essence perfume.


  • Fresh and hinted of green leaves and stems, it has no distracting top notes found in most rose perfumes.
  • If you happen to be a collector of the classics, Tea Rose is a worthy addition because it mingles the ‘uptown and downtown spirits’ – custom blended for an optimized personal experience.
  • Elegant, refreshing, and calming, it exudes of innocence with its rosewater concentrated into a perfume strength.
  • It has a long-lasting scent yet simple and layers well with another scent without a clash. Ergo, you could potentially expand your fragrance wardrobe and wear a scent distinctly you.
  • A powerhouse with wide sillage yet comes with a price tag that doesn’t shout.
  • A complex and interesting scent that doesn’t suffocate the people you rub shoulders with.
  • A sniff of the fragrance with your eyes closed would transport you right in the midst of a captivating rose garden.
  • A perfect recreation of the smell of tea being steeped, its sweetness exudes of femininity yet flexible enough to be a spring-day wearable for men.
  • Versatile and timeless, Tea Rose could be worn on a summer day as well as on a dark winter evening, whether you’re seven or seventy.
  • A female scent that smells ‘sexy’ on men.
  • It’s a magical blend of the soft creaminess of rose petals, the greens of the cut stems, and the woodiness of its thorns.


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