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Top Selling Mens Cologne

Fragrance Spice introduce Top Selling Mens Cologne while aiming to bringing joy into your everyday life.

Bestsellers in Men’s Cologne:


 Okay, so you’re searching for the ‘love of your life.’ No, not another human with an hourglass figure, but a medium-sized rectangular bottle that would make ‘that’ other human turn and sniff. Yes, a cologne that would say, ‘I’m here.


Why It’s Good to Smell Good:


You must admit; your smile reaches a mile if a female turns 180 degrees just to catch your masculine allure. We're not talking about the scent after toiling hours under the sun. We’re talking about that captivating essence that would make women wish they were having dinner with you later that night. But are colognes simply that – as head-turners?


There’s More in Smelling Good:


Not to say that it’s ‘wrong’ to perceive your cologne only as a chick magnet. I mean, I’d bet my bottom dollar that most women spritz on theirs with the same ‘end goal’ in mind. But if you ‘see’ the other effects of the fragrant liquid, you wouldn’t mind holding back on a front-row basketball ticket so you could buy its equivalent in a bottle, even if it’s just slightly bigger than the pass.


  • Confidence – Let’s say you’re not well-versed in the ‘talk to a woman’ department. While you shouldn’t expect every female to walk up to you and say that you smell great, a woman’s glance your way could pave the way for your initial ‘Hi.’ There must be a follow-through, of course if she responds. The point is, you started the ball rolling.
  • Hormone Trigger – The ingredients in your favorite cologne could ‘call out’ to your brain signals and manifest as good vibes. 


    • Vanilla – is like a personal cheering squad
    • Citrus – boosts your focus
    • Lavender – reduces tension and anxiety
    • Eucalyptus – eases mental fatigue
    • Chamomile – is an insomnia buster
    • Coffee bean – for a dose of energy jolt
    • Cinnamon – flushes out negative thoughts
    • Bergamot – elevates your mood
    • Mint – aids in memory retention


  • Emotional Connection – Your appreciation of a scent is deeper than you thought. Often, you gravitate towards a certain cologne because it reminds you of some happy memories or something that you greatly enjoy. It could bring you back to your first camping trip in the woods or remind you of the ocean when you fish with your friends on the weekends.


Choosing Your ‘Buddy’ Cologne:

Some men prefer beer over wine and the same applies with ‘a cologne that smells good.’ You have your own manly aura and it would ‘react’ differently with a certain cologne in comparison to your best friend’s innate scent. Choose a scent that ‘works’ well with what your body naturally exudes. 

What Your Cologne Says About You:

Your cologne could be likened as an extension of your personality. Unless you’re James McAvoy’s character in Split, you’d find resonance with scents that speak who you are. t’s like a ‘scent’-sual introduction.


  • Old-School – Whiskey tops your list and you clip an occasional cigar. You’re not experimental about what you eat but traditional recipes make your mouth water. Go for colognes that are crisp and with heavy top notes like lavender.
  • Man of the House – You enjoy the smell of babies and don’t mind changing their diapers. Colognes that exude vanilla, musk, or bergamot would fit your considerate and thoughtful traits.
  • Ocean Person – Waves crushing play harmony in your ears – whether you’re on it or watching as you lounge by the beach side. The outdoorsy and fresh aroma of cardamom and rosemary is your best bet.
  • Nature Lover – You’d rather be out watching a game in an open field or if indoors, you prefer the fresh breeze over chilled air-conditioning. A scent essence of vetiver or cedar wood would transport you to the great outdoors.
  • Adventurous Spirit – Bungee jumping is your thing and you enjoy hiking treacherous trails. You’re not choosy about your food but a Tabasco sauce is a staple in your dining table.  Colognes that capture the essences of earthy woods, spicy saffron, or grapefruit should be your choice.


Colognes That Hit the Box Office:

When the ‘best of the best’ in fragrances rules a conversation, you and probably every abled man in your group would have his own ‘best.’  So, hype-up your olfactory sense and see which of these colognes would pass your standards.


Givenchy Pi Extreme – With longevity that goes a long way, it’s a fragrance that would test your boundaries.  A combination of woody and oriental, it's borderlines sophistication and animalism.


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