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Valentino Perfume

Fragrance Spice introduces Valentino Perfume while aiming to bringing joy into your everyday life.


Valentino Perfume – Amorosity in a Bottle:


When you hear the word ‘valentino,’ what comes to mind? Love? Romance?  Naturally so, although in Italy, a baby named as so was wanted to be brave or strong. This meaning is also mirrored in Latin – valiant.


The Maison Valentino:


Founders Valentino Garavani and Giancarlo Giammetti had no intention of ‘going with the flow’ of international fashion when they established the house in 1960.  As a result, from 2008 up to this day, the brand continued to go through the creative evolution with an impact. That is why whenever you think of luxury fragrances, the perfume house Valentino is a major player in terms of tradition, innovation, and creativity.


The Maison Valentino not only takes pride in its fragrances. It boasts of its haute couture and pret-a-porter lines for both men and women, as well as a diverse accessories lines of bags, eyewear, ties, shoes, small leather goods, and scarves. It is an aesthetic universe on its own with a presence across 100 countries through 175 directly operated boutiques and more than 1,500 points of sale.


The Glamorous and Fragrant Universe of Valentino:


When you step into a Valentino boutique, it would be an inevitable experience of divine elegance, a dream-come-true glitz and glamor paradise of sensual pleasure. 

Who would want to escape from an aromatic kingdom that lives by the philosophy that ‘A woman must cause heads to turn when she enters a room?’ 

The fragrance house of Valentino breezed through the international fashion stage as quickly as its haute couture to complete a wearer’s ensemble.


Vision and Mission Statements:


Despite an early beginning, the house of Valentino continually aimed at being a contemporary player in the world of aesthetics. With excellence in execution as its strict guideline, the brand employs handmade workmanship at the historic Atelier of Piazza Mignanelli in Rome. 

As one of the leaders of international fashion, Valentino elevates the added-value features of its product as it leverages a global vision of style and sophistication.


Why Choose Valentino Fragrances:


Since the early 1960s, the Maison Valentino had been worn by people who exude elegance and inspiration. Valentino fragrances are always on the road for excellence owing to the house’s eye for detail coupled with the Italian passion to create scents that are stunning and riveting. 

From the scented liquids to the uniquely crafted bottle designs, Valentino fragrances epitomizes the perfect coordination of contemporary sensuality, ageless elegance, and alluring romance.


Valentino Fragrances to Fall in Love With:


Romance is spoken both by men and women. Since Valentino fragrances speak of love and eternal rainbows, get lost in the richness of scent choices that please the olfactory sense whether you’re in love or in the process of looking for one.


Fragrances for Women:


  • Donna Eau de Parfum – A modern haute couture ‘floriental’ created in Rome, Donna exudes of jasmine flowers and accords mixed with Bourbon vanilla, a high-priced ingredient in the modern perfumery. It has the twist of cool pink pepper and a woody overdose that presents a feminine fragrance with a modern edge. Encapsulated in a bottle with the iconic Valentino stud, Donna is a celebration of your roots, personality, and values.


  • Noir Absolu Oud Essence Eau de Parfum – As Valentino’s interpretation of the artistic fragrance layering, the experimental attitude towards mixed scents didn’t lose its sense of intimacy. Whether you chose to wear it alone or in combination with another fragrance, you are assured of a wider scent wardrobe to fit your every mood. With the fragrance’s powerful imprint of cedar and sandalwood, softly spiced and floral notes of myrtle and saffron intensify the sophisticated notes into focus.


  • Noir Absolu Musc Essence Eau de Parfum – A floral-woody-musk fragrance surprisingly designed for women. A recent launch in 2018, it’s a powerhouse of floral essences infused with a distinct freshness that creates an everlasting impact. Orange blossom, opulent flowers, and ylang-ylang blend into a rich formula as aldehydic and musk accords cut through, giving it a unique open freshness.


Fragrances for Men:


  • Uomo Acqua Eau de Toilette – If you’re a man who explores the irresistible blend of aromatic ingredients that mixes contemporary freshness and intensity, this is the scent to go for. After it opens with the vivid freshness of Mandarin essences and lemon, expect a blast of warmth and vibrancy offered by cedarwood and vetiver. If you choose to wear this fragrance, you would indulge yourself of fresh and masculine energy that emanates from every spritz.


  • Uomo Intense Eau de Parfum – Created by the Maison of Valentino in 2016, this sweet and leathery scent is a luxurious experience that is well-balanced and smooth. A captivating and sensual fragrance that has a charismatic aura that leaves long-lasting memories, it’s an ultimate fusion of seduction and charisma. For the men who lounge on masculine sensuality, Uomo Intense fill your senses with the woody notes of iris accord and patchouli that blend with leather accord and Tonka bean.


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