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Heaven Scent Perfume

Fragrance Spice introduce Heaven Scent Perfume while aiming to bringing joy to your everyday life.

How certain scent can influence or better yet improve your ability sleep.
A diffuser is an effective way to release essential oils into the atmosphere (ranging in price from $25 to $200) but you can also drip oil into a bowl of steaming hot water for a less expensive solution. 
If you want to practice aromatherapy in your car or at work, simply drop oil onto a cotton ball, put it under your nose, and inhale normally for one to two minutes.
If you’re thinking of trying aromatherapy, check out our favorite scents:
Lavender is the rest and digest scent but it’s also been used to help curb depression, anxiety, insomnia and migraine pain. Lightly spritz your pillowcase before bed each night.
• Orange & Lemon reduce anxiety while improving a positive, calm outlook. Drop essential orange or lemon oil into your diffuser (or a bowl of steamy water) while you’re getting ready for work in the morning. Talk about an attitude adjustment.
Peppermint helps decrease cortisol levels (the stress hormone) and reduces fatigue. As a bonus, it’s also been shown to reduce sugar cravings. Peppermint tea mid-afternoon can be a better pick-me-up than a cup of coffee, which may interfere with your sleep.
Rosemary enhances brain power, improving speed and accuracy during demanding mental tasks. Research shows that it also boosts energy and reduces fatigue. Buy a rosemary plant for your windowsill at work so you can pluck and sniff as needed.
Sage perks up memory and attention but it’s also been shown to reduce blood pressure in medical studies. It’s a popular cooking herb, so buy a few sprigs and hang them in your kitchen to help keep you calm during that crazy hour before dinner.
Chamomile is soothing and has been used as a mild, relaxing sleep aid to help treat insomnia for centuries. Add a drop or two of chamomile oil to a cotton ball and place it near your pillow on the mattress.
Jasmine can calm and relax the mind (but it’s also been known to help boost energy. Jasmine tea can be helpful in relieving stress and anxiety. A compress using jasmine flowers can be used to help with headaches.
Bergamot enhances relaxation, boosts mental acuity and helps prevent illness. Use it in tea to help sooth an upset stomach and help relax your body before sleep.
Rose, when applied to the skin, can be a healing tonic and mood-elevating supplement.
With love from Fragrance Spice

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