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Does A Perfume Expire

Fragrance Spice introduces Does A Perfume Expire while aiming to bringing joy into your everyday life.

Are Perfumes Immortal?


As krypton is to Superman and sunlight is to vampires, there are also catalysts that prompt your perfume’s demise. So, no, your well-loved fragrance is not immune to some factors that may seem ‘harmless’ from a usual vantage point but could fatally trigger the end of your perfume’s glory days.


Timeless in Perfumery Lingo:


Don’t be misled by a brand’s marketing slogan. While perfume houses don’t aim to misdirect their patrons, the term ‘timeless’ may come across to some as synonymous to ‘no expiration.’ Sadly, perfumes do have shelf life. And there are several factors at play on your perfume’s longevity.


The Essentials of Your Perfume’s Lifespan:


Good news is that your perfume isn’t as perishable as the food you put on your table, but don’t be complacent. The ‘name’ isn’t the only determining factor on why your work colleague could smell great from sunrise to sundown while you barely warmed your office chair, yet your scent decided to take the elevator and leave the building.


  • It’s all in the oil – We’re talking about essential oils here, not the T-zone that made you somehow ‘hate’ your adolescent years. Fragrances, the generic term for a scented liquid, are categorized based on their essential oil concentrates.
  • Parfum – This also answers to the names perfume, pure extract, or extrait de parfum. Considered the crown-bearer of fragrances, it contains a massive 15% to 40% of essential oils concentrate. Under this category, you would find bank-breaking fragrances that would make you cry with pride of wearing one. Its high-oil concentrate accords it longevity of 6 to 8 hours.
  • Eau de Parfum – The VP of fragrances, EDPs boast of a 15% to 20% oil concentration. Expectedly, it costs a tad less than parfums and contains more alcohol but it's the go-to if you have sensitive skin. You are assured of its lasting longivity for at least 4 to 5 hours.
  • Eau de Toilette – While only of 5% to 15% essential oil concentration, EDTs wouldn’t drill a hole in your pocket, making it a favorite of fragrance aficionados who are a bit tight on the budget.
  • Essential Ingredients – While perfumers wouldn’t just pick random petals and brew them all together, fragrance concoction demands a masterful blending of ingredients to keep the scent linger longer. Together with the level of oil concentration, perfume houses leverage skillful artisans who could create blends that doesn't only smells good but stays on as well.


These high end fashion fragrances below remains some of the best brands of perfumes that exude longevity. You can call them the power house as they Still continues to remains one of the most popular colognes for men and women.





Give Your Perfume the Staying Power:


Who wouldn’t want to smell fantastic hours after the very first spritz? Do you need to let go of buying a new phone just to save for a gold-standard perfume that is expected to last longer? Not too fast. Even if you have the budget for perfumes tagged with more digits on it, there are ways to extend the mortality of your favorite fragrance.


Moisturize – Dry skin is like a barren dessert – anything on it could be blown by the wind. Perfumes interact with your body secretion – in this case, your natural body oil.


Since most people outgrow their ‘oily’ stage, moisturizers and lotions are your next ally where perfumes could stick to. If your perfume scent doesn’t come with matching body essentials, use unscented products so the aromas don’t clash.


  • Indulge right after a shower – Your natural body moisture exudes after ‘shedding off skin’ exfoliated through a bath. Ergo, the moisture on your skin would act as a magnet to keep your perfume stay on longer.
  • Match with the weather – Wear perfumes with the heavier floral essences during the cold weather and choose the lighter essences in summer or spring. Wearing a weather-mismatched perfume could potentially disintegrate the integrity of your fragrance and reduce longevity.
  • Leverage your pulse points – Behind your ears, neck, elbow creases, wrists, and the back of your knees emanate more heat that diffuses your perfume best throughout the day.
  • Extend our scent through your hair and clothes – On top of your pulse points, a few sprits on your hair and clothes extend the sillage of your perfume as you move around.


Your Perfume’s Kryptonite:


It doesn’t need Vitamin D – You may enjoy frolicking on the beach during summer, but your perfume doesn’t. Sunlight is your fragrance’s natural archnemesis, and so are other forms of heat.


While glass – the usual material of perfume decanters – could project kaleidoscopic lights when sun’s rays are reflected through it, your perfume on a windowsill would make it kaput easy. Neither is your perfume a fan of the sauna, so the bathroom sink is a no-no. Like a metaphorical vampire, perfumes thrive in dark and cool places – closets and drawers would be your best bets.


    Don’t rub – Forget your usual practice of rubbing your wrists together after putting on your perfume. The friction breaks the fusion of your perfume’s top, middle, and base notes – sending its well-crafted blend in a disoriented state and consequently shorten it’s staying power.


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