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Acqua di Parma

Fragrance Spice introduce Acqua di Parma, while aiming to bringing joy to your everyday life.

Since its creation in 1916, Acqua di Parma had been a symbol of Italian savoir-faire and sophistication.  The brand personifies a discerning extravagance exuded in its exquisite fragrances and products that define a specific way of living.


In the words of Laura Burdese, Acqua di Parma’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Acqua di Parma is much more than a fragrance brand; it’s a way of life in its most sophisticated form.  Its secret has always been moving forward into the future while keeping its DNA intact.  We are very proud of our heritage, history, and values, but we never forget to keep an eye to the future.  Bringing style – Italian style – into life.


The brand’s conviction is clear – it would continually employ simplicity, generosity, and sincerity.  It believes that Italian elegance could be achieved even with simplicity.  When products are done unhurriedly and crafted by hand, they consequently imbibe a soul.



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Italian baron Carlo Magnani was traveling the epicenters of culture – Paris, London, New York – in 1916 when it dawned on him to create a fragrance that was to become a timeless success – Colonia. The scent epitomizes the essence of a true Italian gentleman. Colonia was catapulted to its worldwide recognition in the 1950s when Hollywood actors graced the Italian cinemas and connected with the intimate and refines notes of the scent.


Since then, Acqua di Parma became a lead player in the prestigious luxury market when fragrances were concerned. It was able to maintain its foothold through its series of timeless masterpieces that exemplified the standard Italian artisanship.


Inspired and Created by Experts:


Every product created by the design house of Acqua di Parma was a product of the skillful hands and minds of craftsmen imbibed by the Italian tradition. The house of design ingeniously married the concepts of ancient traditions with sophisticated modernity from the way Acqua di Parma carefully selects its materials until the product’s handcrafted finish.


Rich Heritage:


Parma is an Italian city famous for its violets and its deeply rooted cultural tradition.  At a time when men’s fragrances were dominated by Germany’s intense, complex, and strong essences, Acqua di Parma’s Colonia offered a unique twist that deviated from what people were accustomed to.  Colonia was subtle and crisp yet surprisingly refreshing.  Almost instantly, Colonia became a classic – a timeless fragrance that is elegant and refined, a sophistication that took a wearable form.


Acqua di Parma’s Flag Bearer:


Colonia’s sensual scent seemed to capture the Italian sun with its combination of lemon, bergamot, and orange.  With these carefully selected and distilled headnotes, the aromatic and harmonious heart notes of rosemary, damask rose, lavender, and verbena were infused, then concluded with sandal, woody vetiver, and patchouli for bottom notes.  The exquisite formulation depicted refinement and style that symbolizes a life fragrance.


What People Say About Acqua di Parma Fragrances:


For most people, Acqua di Parma’s scents are like ‘Italy in a bottle. Everything about the brand’s fragrance speaks of elegance from its gorgeous packaging to every drop of its fine essence. 


Despite being worn by the ‘rich and famous,’ Acqua di Parma never bragged of the notable clientele who wears their fragrance – banking on its own merits of elegance and discretion.


A user from the United Kingdom said the brand’s Colonia was sharp yet pleasant.  And as the hours progress, one would be mesmerized by its middle and base notes.  In the user’s words, ‘I feel enveloped in grandeur but not overwhelmed.


Sophistication to Wear:


  • Colonia Eau de Cologne – Introduced in 1916 as a sharp fruity aroma for men, Colonia is an embodiment of the Italian sense of lightness and alluring sophistication, this iconic fragrance is well loved for its timelessness and enduring scent. Crafted from Italy’s sunny Sicilian citrus fruits, it is a mix of elegance and freshness. The blend of lavender and damask rose comprise its citrusy heart and has the base notes of sandalwood, patchouli, and the woody notes of vetiver. It is best recommended for casual wear.


  • Blu Mediterraneo Arancia di Capri Eau de Toilette – This comfortable and brilliant fruity fragrance for women envelops the aromas of Sicilian mandarin, orange, and lemon of Capri as its top notes. It’s a relaxing EDT that has a heart of intense cardamom merged with petitgrain notes.  The base has a light touch of caramello and the sensual notes of musk.


  • Magnolia Nobile Eau de Parfum – A modern fragrance for women that conveys aristocratic femininity. Its luminous composition is bewitchingly sophisticated created by its floral accents. With extracts from the velvet soft petals and nuances of Magnolia, this distinctly structured fragrance opens with notes of lemon, citron, and bergamot. For its heart, rose and jasmine blend with tuberose that give its sophisticated aura while its base of patchouli, Madagascar vanilla, sandalwood, and vetiver sing of elegant spirit.


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